Ability to display Terms of Service during Replicated installation?

Got a great question earlier today about displaying EULA or other terms during install

Is there any chance we could upload our on-prem eval agreement on a landing page and collect that agreement to our EULA via a “checkbox” or online form?

This could be displayed as a configuration item using the Config custom resource. Here is an example using a select_one config item:

    - name: accept_agreement
      title: End User License Agreement
      type: select_one
      help_text: |
        All software is subject to the terms and
        conditions at https://example.com/license.
      required: true
      - name: has_accepted_agreement
        title: I accept.

Hello Replicated team,

For what I understand, this will change the configuration for all customers, is it correct?
I would like to put this kind of EULA before the license’s download, but just for one customer.
Can we do it with Custom License Fields?

Thanks in advance

There is also a licensing agreement field for the Kubernetes installer. This is a URL that links to the agreement, and the user must agree to it before proceeding with installing the Kubernetes cluster. This currently only works for online embedded cluster installs and not air gap.

@Julia_B I could definitely see you using a custom license field for this, but I don’t quite follow the flow that you have in mind. Could you describe where exactly you see that happening when you say “before the license is downloaded”?

With a custom license field, I could see you using something like Craig’s sample above but only showing that if the custom license field was present on this customer’s license.

@Alex_Parker For most of our customers, they don’t need a specific EULA.
But for one of our prospects, I have this case: our contact explained that signing any paperwork to get access to our on-prem license key would mean a hugely painful legal review that would potentially last 12 months.
That person then explained that many other vendors they work with for on-prem solutions have put in place a web interface that is able to collect the consent of mid-level managers that would agree to their terms and conditions.
Our contact specifically mentioned in the email below that he is authorized to agree to such online T&Cs or Eulas and that this would be the most streamlined way to get this rolling.

Is that something you all could host yourselves and point customers to before giving them a license?

At this point we don’t have a mechanism for signing a EULA before receiving a license. Any way to do this right now would be as part of the installation process and not before.

@Alex_Parker we planned to create ourself a page that does the form part, displays the EULA, and gathers customer information (name, mail,…) that will be stored on our side.

My question was: can we use this link as a T&Cs before downloading the license?
If you tell me that we can’t use custom fields for that, we’ll probably add the license link after the form validation, it will be an easiest integration.

Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

I see. There is nothing in the product right now that serves as a gate for downloading the license. If they have the link to download the license, they can go and download it. License fields would only come into play in KOTS once the license is uploaded.

So yes, if you want to ensure that the Ts and Cs are signed before a customer downloads their license, you would have to orchestrate that yourself at this time.