Airgap: 'There are currently no builds ready for download'

What would cause the message ‘there are currently no builds ready for download’ when checking Airgap Download Enabled, when there is indeed a release?

Similar to a CI service, when a release is promoted, a task starts that downloads all images and makes an .airgap bundle that can be downloaded

There could be two reasons why this .airgap bundle isn’t yet available:

  • It’s not yet completed - building the .airgap package is not instant as pulling large images can take some time

  • There’s an error in the yaml or an invalid image that’s preventing the .airgap bundle from being built

To show the status of your airgap Release

  1. Navigate to the ‘Channels’ page in Vendor Web:

  1. Click on the ‘Release History’ link of the Channel in question. Here, it’s the Unstable Channel:

  1. Here, you can observe the ‘Airgap Status’ of the Release:

If there’s an error in the Release, a tooltip will contain the error

Thank you for this, this was very helpful in troubleshooting why the airgap releases page was empty. Is there a way to have this enabled for all releases for a particular license/customer? Thanks again!

You can edit a channel and enable automatic airgap builds for the channel.

You must be on the Business Plan to enable this feature