Change kots Port After Install

Hey -

We had a customer ask if it’s possible to configure the port for kots to something other than 8800. I did find this document: How do I use a custom port for kotsadm instead of 8800?

We were wondering - if kots is already installed on 8800 is it possible to re-configure it to another port after it’s already installed?



Hi Nick,

You can use port-forward to temporarily access kotsadm from other port for testing.

kubectl port-forward svc/kurl-proxy-kotsadm <new_port>:8800 --address=''

Hope this helps.


Hey Gerard -

Thanks for the response, though I don’t think this is what we were looking for unfortunately.

We’re more wondering if we can, after the install, change the port that kotsadm is exposing for the NodePort service. By default I believe it’s 8800 if you do not change it in kots configuration file.

A customer is wondering if we can change it after the fact, as they have a requirement that port not be open on the node and it needs to be blocked from outside of the node.



Apologies for the late reply @Nick,

To re-configure the kotsadm NodePort to another port after installation, customer can generate a new installer script with new kotsadm.uiBindPort and run it on any primary in the cluster.

I hope this helps.