Getting Unsupported config type

Getting Unsupported config type for:

  • select_one
  • select_many

Using this example:

  • name: authentication
    title: Authentication
    description: “”
    - name: authentication_type
    default: authentication_type_anonymous
    type: select_one
    - name: authentication_type_anonymous
    title: Anonymous
    - name: authentication_type_password
    title: Password

Hi AtulM!

Could you please provide the actual YAML snippet and format it? Usually I would expect a groups section like this:

  - name: ui
    title: User Interfacec
    description: Customize the user interface
    - name: color
      title: Color
      help_text: "Change the color of the application"
      type: text
      default: blue
      recommended: true

If you could provide yours formatted like the above, we can then see if there any issues with formatting which cause the majority of the issues.