How can I instruct KURL to install the initial KOTS install in a different namespace?

We would like to change the namespace that the kURL install script uses to install KOTS in.

This will allow us to install KOTS into a non-default namespace as recommended by several Kubernetes security guidelines.

Hi @bageldawg, this currently isn’t supported in kurl.

The requirement to install kots in it’s own namespace is something we’d expect to see from end customers who run their own kubernetes infrastructure, with kURL being designed to be more like an appliance where the customer should not have to interact with the underlying cluster.

currently the only way to achieve this would be to install kURL without the kots addon, and install kots manually via the CLI tool into the namespace ofo your choice.

This does, however, have some major drawbacks.

Deployments managed in this way, kots loses the automated configuration for the embedded registry, as well as the automatic configuration for local s3 storage for snapshots.

If it’s sufficient enough to cover your security guidelines, KOTS is capable of managing applications outside of the default namespace. You could configure your app to install into a non-default namespace while leaving kots as the sole application in default

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