How can I update an airgapped installation from the command line?

I have an airgapped installation (Native, Swarm or AKA) and want to update to a new app version without using the in-browser UI. How can I do this?

The first thing to do is to ensure that the .airgap file that you want to update to is on the server in the right location. If you don’t know the location, you can find it with replicatedctl params export | grep \"AirgapPackagePath\". There will likely be other .airgap files there, too - for the currently installed version of your application, for instance.

Once the file has been positioned correctly, you can run replicatedctl app-release ls --fetch. This will prompt replicated to search the AirgapPackagePath for new airgap packages, and will list the available releases after doing so.

Finally, you can update to the new release with replicatedctl app-release apply to update to the latest release shown above, or replicatedctl app-release apply --sequence <num> to update to a known sequence number as shown in the previous ls command.

Commands used here: params export, app-release ls, app-release apply