How do I generate a SBOM (list of container images) from a release or set of manifests?

Is there a way that I can generate a SBOM (eg: list of container images) used in a specific release using something like the replicated CLI or hitting the replicated API?

We want to automate a few of our release tasks (eg: scanning images in a single release for vulnerabilities, creating customer-specific releases). Right now we promote a release to a channel, wait for the airgap bundle to build, download that airgap bundle (which is ~10GB) and extract the list of images from that bundle.
I’m hoping that there’s some way for us to cut out that entire process and just get the list of images from a promoted release.

Thanks @Zach_Fry for reaching out. Currently the code to list all the used images and create the airgap bundle sits in a private repo. Can you submit a feature request through the vendor portal?