KOTS: How do I reset or clean up an install?

I have kots adm and the app installed, how do I clean up these components?

Remove App

If you want to just clean up the app, say for instance you used an incorrect license, you can use the kots remove command. But please note, this will only remove the reference to the app in kots adm db, but the K8s resources of the app need to be cleaned up manually.

kubectl kots remove <app-slug> -n <namespace>

If you would like to clean up kots and the app in its entirety, that depends on the type of environment you have running.

Remove Kotsadm


  • first thing you can try is resetting the node using the tasks.sh reset script.

  • If that does not work, rebuild the VM with a fresh OS and start install from scratch.


  • Delete the namespace where kotsadm is installed, presumably that is the same namespace where the app is installed as well: kubectl delete ns <namespace>

Note: This will not clean up resources managed outside the namespace such as CRDs.