KOTS: How do I use customizable image tags with Airgap bundles

I’m trying to use end-user customizable image tags in my online install, this works great, but during airgap builds this fails with a warn, the bundle still builds fine but I do not see the image in the airgap bundle, how can I include this image in the airgap bundle as well?

Generally we recommend image tags be pinned to a specific version but there might be some user cases where configurability is needed. In order to do this you have to make the following changes to the app.

  1. In your configoptions for the tag, create a default: <tag>. And use this tag as the default value.

  2. In kots application spec under additionalImages add the full image path averagepear/averagepear-operator:0.2.0, this way this image is available in the airgap bundle and the support bundle references the 0.2.0 configoptions it will have that image already in the bundle.

Downside: You need to remember to change the image tag 0.2.0 in 2 places every time you update that image.