Monitoring and Alerting

We would like to better use Replicated tooling to get advanced notice when nodes or system is heading towards an unstable state and be alerted in advance.

@Tushar kURL today uses a version of the Kube Prometheus Stack, and Alert Manager + Prometheus can be used to do predictive trending like hard drives filling to a specific capacity.

Today we don’t have anything integrated to display that to the user via a notification but we’re interested to see how use cases like this could be addressed.

I don’t think we currently have a clear path to provide such notice on an Existing Cluster however as installing cluster wide monitoring is expected to be not allowed on most Existing Clusters.

If you could open a Feature Request our product team would appreciate the opportunity to understand your use case in more detail (Embedded, Existing, SDK) and see how we could incorporate improvements to the platform.

You can create a feature request at: select “Support” in the top right and then the “Request a Feature” button in the middle of the page.