Real-world implementation of packaging Operators

Our product could benefit greatly by shipping operators for stateful applications (Notably: MongoDB, Postgresql, and RabbitMQ). We are looking to achieve native “day-2” functionality and better 3d-party vendor support.

I’m interested in seeing some example of shipping operators via KOTS. I’ve seen the kodu nginx example as well, but I’m trying to gauge success from those who have already implemented operators in KOTS.

A main concern: What if a customer wants to deploy they same application twice on the same cluster? (or, if the CRD is already installed)

Hi @bageldawg I did a simple operator test a while back, just added the kots manifests to the repo as an example, you can view the code here: hello-operator/kots-sample/manifests at main · grahamnscp/hello-operator · GitHub
Note for me the operator packaging was a chore and didn’t really give me anything that kots provided in other ways… but if you already have them then I can see that you’d like to drop them in… namespace them and surface some of the deployment config up to the kots configvalues

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