Recommendations to quickly get my teams up to speed on Kubernetes?

In the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to get new development teams up to speed with Kubernetes so they can be productive with Replicated quickly. Similarly, many folks are looking to train up their field teams on Kubernetes so they can effectively deliver and support Replicated-managed apps in the field. This can include Solutions Architects, Support Engineers, Professional Services, and any other customer-facing engineers.

For folks who are new to Kubernetes, we make use internally of specifically:

  1. Kubernetes for the absolute beginner
  2. Lens - Kubernetes IDE
  3. Helm for Begginers

For advanced training for support and services teams who will be hands-on in customer environments, we’ve gotten great feedback about It is fairly advanced but it will be great for T3/T4 folks to go through this training so they can drive quick and efficient resolution of issues in the field.