Service unreachable

I setup a two nodes cluster using Kurl with one master and one worker node. Next I created a deployment and the setup an service of type ClusterIP. below is the output of “kubectl describe service nginx-service”

Name: nginx-service

Namespace: default

Labels: app=nginx

Selector: app=nginx


Type: ClusterIP


Port: 8181/TCP

TargetPort: 80/TCP

Session Affinity: None


When I try to curl the service IP and port from Master node I can access the Pod that is running on the master but not the Pod running on Worker node (Getting Error: connection refused). However when I go to worker node and curl the service Ip and port from worker node I can access the Pod on worker node and not able to access the Pod on Master (Getting Error: no route to host). How can I trouble shoot this? Any suggestion where to start? I might need to open a specific port on my firewall that I am missing? BTW the networking is done by Weav. Thanks for the help


Good afternoon!

Here is documentation on Troubleshooting Weave

TCP 6783 and UDP 6783/6784 are required for weave to enable inter-node communication.

You can read more here on Weave Ports

Tamara Henson
Lead Support Engineer - Replicated