Specifying Version of the Application at install / download time

Great question came in today

We have a large number of customers who want to install a specific version of our application. The earliest version that they are able to install is the “latest” version at the point of installation.
How can we get a specific version to appear in their version history so they are able to select it?

@Alex_Parker & team, I know y’all worked on a couple features related to this – can you share any relevant docs or guidance?

The documentation here explains how to install specific versions. The install commands for any version are available on the release history page for a channel.

The key details are, there is an --app-version-label flag for both the app manager and the Kubernetes installer, depending on whether you’re doing existing or embedded cluster installs. Specify the version label, and that version will be installed when the license is uploaded.

If you use the Kubernetes installer, there is an alpha feature (soon to be beta) that allows you to include a Kubernetes installer in a release, coupling the two. Without this feature, the Kubernetes installer has to be promoted to the channel separately, and all installations use the latest installer. By coupling an installer and a release, this feature ensures that the appropriate Kubernetes installer is used when installing any version of your application. If you use the Kubernetes installer, this is our recommended approach moving forward, because it makes it much easier to have reproducible installations that use the appropriate installer and release versions together. See the documentation here.

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