Troubleshooting: Airgap Bundling: Image in private docker hub not found

You may encounter the following error for a linked private docker registry.

Failed to pull Error: image myregistry/myimage:9.1.2 not found

Often, this error can manifest differently during airgap builds than during regular online operation, even for private images. The best steps to debug this are:

  1. Verify the image can be docker pull -ed via the docker CLI using the same credentials that were provided to Replicated
  2. There is a known issue with Docker Hub API tokens, if the CLI can pull the image but airgap builds are still failing, you should ensure the credentials provided are a true username/password combination, not an API token. (The docker CLI can pull these due to some extra magic, but the client used during airgap building does not include this logic to translate Docker Hub API tokens)