Automated tools for bulk Customer Management?

Great question from today

Is it possible to set other aspects of a customer via the vendor-cli? My goal is to be able set the license type to trial, as well as enable or disable gitops/backups/etc. I do see those endpoints documented in the vendor API, just not available in this tool?
I only see these options:

$ docker run --rm \
replicated/vendor-cli customer create --help
create a customer

  replicated customer create [flags]

        --channel string        Release channel to which the customer should be assigned
      --ensure-channel        If set, channel will be created if it does not exist.
      --expires-in duration   If set, an expiration date will be set on the license. Supports Go durations like '72h' or '3600m'
  -h, --help                  help for create
      --name string           Name of the customer

Global Flags:
        --app string     The app slug or app id to use in all calls
      --token string   The API token to use to access your app in the Vendor API

Right now the Vendor CLI is primarily optimized for release management and basic development usage of customers and licenses for local dev and CI/CD. The API docs cited are the best place to do these more detailed customer management operations.

Update, since the replicated cli v0.41.0 it is possible to also configure airgap, gitops and snapshots. Check replicated customer create -h for more details.