How can I replace the customer license on an application?

Each License is attached to a single Customer, and some changes can be made to a Customer in the vendor portal that will sync to the license deployed in an application, such as updating the Release Channel that is assigned to a Customer.

However, you may encounter a need to remove the license file entirely from an application in order to upload a different license file.

  1. ensure the application has been backed up. You can use Replicated’s Snapshots features and the application’s built in backup function, if it has one.
  2. ensure config values to for deploying the application are captured with kubectl kots download [app-slug] -n [namespace] so you can refer to them later. The app manifests will be downloaded to a folder in the current working directory. You can find the config data at ./[app-slug]/upstream/userdata/config.yaml
  3. remove the app from the Admin Console with kubectl kots remove [app-slug] -n [namespace] --force
  4. navigate to the Admin Console in a browser, and you’ll be presented with the license upload screen
  5. upload new license
  6. refer to the config file captured in step 2 to make sure any necessary config items have been set correctly. If a config is changed at this stage, it can trigger pod redeployments which may be undesirable.
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