Delete sequence in kots admin console


Lets say my current app is on version 2.0.0 (sequence 10) and version 2.0.1 (sequence 11) is available.
I don’t want to upgrade for now but a change was detected in the license and and it create automatically a new sequence 12 with version 2.0.1. The problem as i said is that i don’t want ton install this version, but i want to apply the license changes.

Is there a way to delete the sequence 11 and then apply the license change on the right version ? Or maybe another way ?


Hi @Mickael,

One potential workaround in this scenario could be to make a trivial config change (it can even be reverted immediately) to generate an additional sequence based off of the current version (2.0.0). Then you could sync the license and it would be based off of that new sequence.

Let us know if this could work in your scenario.

Hi @craig,
Thank you for the reply.
I do this i don’t know if it will contain the also the license changes, but i’ll try when possible and update here.