Can GitOps automatic deployments ignore preflight checks?

Our QA environments internally utilize GitOps to automatically pull down new releases to Unstable. This works pretty well until there is a kotsadm update that would cause the preflight to fail based on the version thats installed.

We pin specific kotsadm versions for customers but in development I don’t care so much about that, I’d like to have the ability to skip preflights and continue on with the automatic check+deploy.

@bageldawg Maybe a workaround: I’m assuming you’re using a Developer license for your QA environment. Maybe you can use the exclude field on the preflight analyzers and use the licenseType?

@jdewinne That’s sounds like a pretty good idea.

My concern with that approach is that we wouldn’t be able to QA test new or existing preflights, wouldn’t excluding them via annotation remove them from the UI entirely?

I suppose I could have a config page checkbox that toggles preflights, that should maintain the ability to enable preflights for testing purposes, and leave it disabled.

Yes. Adding it as a ConfigOption also works. You could even combine it:
If the licenseType is dev, you show the ConfigOption.