Certificate Errors when Uploading to the Replicated Console

I’m trying to secure access to the Replicated Console and when trying to upload certificates, Replicated crashes. After inspecting the logs in the support bundle, I get the following error:

Jan 13 16:47:06 ***REDACTED*** docker[1831]: ERRO 2022-01-13T16:47:06+00:00 [operator] server.go:207 Operator transport exited with error: EOF
Jan 13 16:47:08 ***REDACTED*** docker[1831]: WARN 2022-01-13T16:47:08+00:00 models/audit/audit_event.go:66 retraced auditor failed to report app.release.config.set: Post "[https://***REDACTED***:9873/publisher/v1/project/c29tZSByZWFsbHkgbG9uZyBwcm9qZWN0IGlk/event":](https://***REDACTED***:9873/publisher/v1/project/c29tZSByZWFsbHkgbG9uZyBwcm9qZWN0IGlk/event%22:) tls: failed to parse certificate from server: asn1: structure error: base 128 integer too large
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This error is usually an indication of errors in the certificate while parsing. Replicated uses the standard Golang library for TLS, which has limitations on custom fields that can be added by some some customer’s internal process. Related topics to these limitations:

To validate the error is with the certificate, you can copy-paste the cert into the following Golang playground: Go Playground - The Go Programming Language.

One possible remediation when trying to upload the certificate to the console is to remove any Certificate Authorities (CAs) from the public cert file before uploading to the console. Replicated only needs the leaf certificate and key to enable HTTPS to the console.