Create ImagePullSecrets for the Proxy Service in multiple namespaces

Hi team!
Is it possible to parametrise addtionalNamespaces ? I need to have the application image pull secret in proper namespaces. By proper namespaces, I mean namespaces created dynamically (defined within kots-config.yaml).
In theory, I can use the wildcard ("*" ) but it may be a problem in restricted environments (eg. access to a single namespace only).
Or maybe there is an easy way to create a secret with credentials to the proxy service? (I need this guy replicated-pull-secret in all my namespaces)
Something similar to this one:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: myregistrykey
  namespace: awesomeapps
  .dockerconfigjson: '{{repl LocalRegistryImagePullSecret }}'

but for proxy

OK, I can partially answer on my question.
It seems that I can use the above secret, it points on proxy server when deployed in non-airgapped env.

…but it would be nice if kots would do it for me automatically within additionalNamespaces

Hi @Lukasz_Werenkowicz

Thanks for already partially answering your question. :pray:
You are correct The additionalNamespaces at this moment does not support go templating. This means that they have to be static, or you use "*".

If you create namespaces in a dynamic way, you’ll have to also ensure the pull secret is created, which is very similar to using operators with kots.

Additionally, you might want to check how to manage namespaces in a secured environment. In many situations you’re not allowed to create additional namespaces, and sometimes everything has to be deployed in a single namespace.