Debug whats going wrong - kubectl kots install

Hello Team, I am following the offline existing cluster document to install the application and uploaded/pushed the images to private repository, but when trying to install the app its failing without showing any issue,
How can i debug the issue to identify the cause ?

 kubectl kots install icedq \
>   --kotsadm-namespace icedq \
>   --kotsadm-registry \
>   --registry-username abcd \
>   --registry-password abcd+ACRD++ztz

  • Validating registry information ✓
Enter the namespace to deploy to: icedq
  • Deploying Admin Console
    • Creating namespace ✓
    • Waiting for datastore to be ready ✓
Error: Failed to deploy: failed to deploy admin console: failed to wait for minio: timeout waiting for statefulset to become ready. Use the --wait-duration flag to increase timeout.

document followed -

It might be good to open a support ticket or share a support bundle.
Our docs contain instructions on how to do this even when the kots install is failing.