What happens if Minio pods fail with "ImagePullErr" [ KOTS 1.41.1-1.43.1 ]

My app is failing to deploy or failing to load an airgap bundle. I notice that the kotsadm-minio-0 pod is failing because it can not pull the image. What shall I do?

There is a known issue affecting online installs for 1.41.1-1.43.1 because Minio removed several public images from their docker hub account. Minio is used by KOTS to store application archives, support bundles and hostpath/nfs snapshots. Because this dependency is unreliable, we are currently in the process of removing it from our product.

However, to resolve the issue with your customer, you can run the following:

  1. kubectl -n <ns> scale sts kotsadm-minio --replicas=0
  2. kubectl -n <ns> edit sts kotsadm-minio
  3. Replace all the minio* image tags with RELEASE.2021-06-07T21-40-51Z . Save.
  4. kubectl -n <ns> scale sts kotsadm-minio --replicas=1
  5. Delete the kotsadm pod to restart
  6. Re-try the upgrade/install process