Does the (alpha) helm install honor kots-specific helm weights for ordering component installs?


I am following up on this 2022 RepliCon Q3 talk:
time 20:21

My understanding is the helm weights in the replicated Helm object are specific to kots.

My question is whether the (alpha) helm install (Supporting helm CLI Installations (Alpha) | Replicated Docs) approach is also able to take advantage of weights to order the installation of components.


Thanks for posting, Tom. I have a reminder set to answer some of your other questions from that talk. I’ll get to them in the next day!

For this question, the alpha Helm install option doesn’t currently use Helm weights. Because the end user performs all the helm install commands, they can do them in the appropriate order. So you can send your customers the install instructions in the appropriate order to make that happen.

As an enhancement, we have a story open to order the helm install commands in the Helm install instructions modal by weight. This way, you don’t have to worry about reordering them to preserve that. We’ll just leverage the weights to infer the order and display the instructions appropriately.

This is in our backlog now, but we’ll likely get to it before long. Thanks for bringing it up. We hadn’t considered that yet, but it’s a great enhancement.