How do I install equal-weighted helm charts in parallel while using "--wait" and "--wait-for-jobs" flags

When installing my helm charts, I have many that have equal install weight which I want completely installed before proceeding to the higher weighted charts. When I add "--wait" to spec.helmUpgradeFlags, kots installs the charts 1 at a time, regardless of having identical spec.weight values. How do I make this happen in parallel?

Hi - Today the charts are going to be processed alpha numerically and not in parallel. May I ask why you need to run the Charts installation in parallel as opposed to in sequential order?

Also, how would you accomplish this outside Replicated? All I could think of was to open a separate terminal for each Chart but that didn’t seem like it could be automated or scale.

It doesn’t need to be installed in parallel, just would make installation faster. Outside of replicated I would join my various charts into subcharts as a “component”. However since my charts have common dependency charts there is a problem with replicated with name collision when charts are expanded. Which I just learned was fixed in 1.74, I’ve been using 1.73…

however to answer your question pretty simple shell:

helm install ... --wait &
helm install ... --wait &
wait < <(jobs -p)

Or if I was in production I’d use the helm provider for terraform and depends_on

Thank you for the details! We are also working to add support for alias in your Chart.yaml, which may also help.