Facing issue while automating helm chart `replicated release` on KOTS vendor release page

We are trying to automate the Helm chart deployment/install process mentioned here (https://kots.io/vendor/helm/using-helm-charts/) through CircleCI and we’re facing an issue.

In the screenshot attached,

1. The helm chart marked in brown box (for atlas-0.0.1 chart) is added to the manifests/ path via dragging atlas-0.0.1.tgz helm package from the replicated (KOTS) vendor UI. As a result, it creates three files:

  • Chart.yaml
  • values.yaml
  • atlas.yaml

which is the intended result.

2. But in case, (for the helm charts marked in red box, postgresql-8.6.4 & redis-0.0.1) when we are creating a replicated release through a CircleCI job,

the helm chart does get added into the manifests/ path but in place of automatically creating three files from the helm chart package, we get only two.

  • Chart.yaml
  • values.yaml

The missing one is the yaml file which is required for the chart installation, so it is actually breaking the release as a result.

We need a solution so that adding the helm chart packages inside the manifests/ path with help of CircleCI , also create the third file for us automatically.

Note: The command used for creating a replicated release through CircleCI is

replicated release create --yaml-dir ./manifests --promote ${CHANNEL} --ensure-channel --release-notes "CI Release" --version "$VERSION" --app ${APP} --token ${TOKEN}


I’ll file a ticket for this, but you can add these files manually. If you set name and chartVersion fields, they will be automatically associated with the chart.


Thanks for the reply!

Yea, I’ll add them manually for now.

But, it will be an extra overhead in case of a no of charts, so, I believe if It somehow works ideally, that would be a great addition.

Thanks once again for raising the ticket. :slight_smile: