Does the Required Field Support Templating

This is a similar question to the following issue.

I’m trying to determine if the required field allows templating using the ConfigOptionEquals function - we’d like to provide a checkmark box on the kots config page asking if the user is going to be providing an external, optional dependency, and then require additional fields on the kots config page if they enable it.

It was mentioning in the above story that there was a plan to mark items that support templating, but I wasn’t sure if I should expect that to be here or elsewhere.


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Hi Nick! This is Paige, from the Docs team at Replicated. We just updated the topic to clarify which properties in the Config custom resource support templating, and which do not: Config | Replicated Docs

As for the specific use case that you mention, the required field does not support templating. But, you might be looking for the when property, which allows you to use templated conditional statements to show or hide fields from users. For more information on that, including an example, see Config | Replicated Docs

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