How to: use a logical `and` to evaluate a conditional expression in a Config template

How do I display a Config option only when two or more other items are True or False? I tried

when:  repl{{ ConfigOptionEquals "option_one" "0" }} & repl{{ ConfigOptionEquals "option_two" "0" }}

but this isn’t working as expected.

Only show option foo if both options are false.

    - name: conditional_and
      title: Conditional conditional
      description: only shows up when both option_one and option_two are set to False
      when: repl{{  (and (ConfigOptionEquals "option_one" "false") (ConfigOptionEquals "option_two" "false")) }}
        - name: foo
          title: foo
          type: text
          default: "foo"

You can use both and as well as or in the when field if you are using templating.

Here is an example config that displays labels based on which options are selected:

kind: Config
  name: config-sample
    - name: example_settings
      title: My Example Config
      description: Configuration to serve as an example for creating your own. See []( for configuration docs. In this case, we provide example fields for configuring an Ingress object.
        - name: option-1
          title: option 1
          type: bool
          default: "0"
        - name: option-2
          title: option 2
          type: bool
          default: "0"
        - name: option-3
          title: option 3
          type: bool
          default: "0"  
        - name: option-1-and-2
          title: Option 1 and 2 are selected
          type: label
          when: repl{{ and (ConfigOptionEquals "option-1" "1") (ConfigOptionEquals "option-2" "1") }}
        - name: option-1-or-3
          title: Option 1 or 3 are selected
          type: label
          when: repl{{ or (ConfigOptionEquals "option-1" "1") (ConfigOptionEquals "option-3" "1") }}

Here is how it behaves in a deployed instance: