Examples for last-mile customizations?

We have had a number of requests from customers who want to modify the Kubernetes YAML in ways that our kots config does not support.

I’m aware that this is possible via this process: https://docs.replicated.com/enterprise/updating-patching-with kustomize - but as we’re not familiar with kustomize do Replicated maintain any examples for common use cases such as node selectors, affinity, storage classes and ingress certs?

Hi @bco – we don’t maintain a collection of examples, but a quick search for e.g. kustomize edit nodeSelectors turned up this helpful post: kubernetes - using kustomize to modify nodeSelector's - Stack Overflow

i ended up just defining a patch:

in kustomization.yaml:

- nodeSelectors.yaml

in nodeSelectors.yaml

apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: StatefulSet
  name: mysql
        group: infra
        slurm: mysql