Usage of "kubectl kots install --set .."


I spotted in the kubectl kots install command the option:

--set strings Values to pass to Helm when running helm template.

But I don’t see much docs around it. Will these values be persisted on upgrade? Can they be modified after initial install?

Our customers currently use kustomize patches to add things like node selectors, ingress annotations and similar changes that can’t be expressed easily in the kots config UI. Just wondering if this could be an alternative solution.

Hey, Barry. It looks like that flag is old and there isn’t actually any code that uses it. Sorry to get your hopes up :frowning: We opened a story to remove it to avoid confusion.

But I appreciate you bringing up the struggle of customizing KOTS with things like node selectors and annotations. I agree that this is a rough spot with KOTS, and kustomize patches are not the best user experience for several reasons.

Something like Helm does this much better with the values file. In the medium term, I would like to consider whether we can do something like install KOTS with Helm so that you can pass Helm values instead of using kustomize or having to expose KOTS install options to set things like node selectors. That would be more familiar to existing cluster users too.