How to modify the default KOTS Install Command

We are pinned to a specific version of kots in our product and in the Replicated UI, the command appears not to be pinned, so installs the latest. Is there a way to modify this command? We aren’t aware of a way to do so, and wanted to confirm if that is true or if there is a way for us to update that command (at the bottom of the screenshot):

Thanks Jeff – apologies on the delay here – tapping @Alex_Parker in case he has more insight on this one. The answer might be to hard code the correct install command in your documentation.

Do y’all use the customer-facing download portal feature at all? I had also been talking about potentially rendering the customer-specific install command in that UI for the customer to take and run with.

We added targetKotsVersion for this purpose. Here are some docs. If you set the target KOTS version, the curl command in the vendor portal should update so that your customers download the target KOTS version.

FYI we are like to consider new ways to encourage end users to update KOTS, and for vendors to couple their releases with a version of KOTS. minKotsVersion and targetKotsVersion were one attempt at this, but we’d like to improve on them. Since you’re asking this question, I’d love to touch base with you sometime as we consider that, to get your input.