KOTS Upgrade Behaviour

We have a customer that performed the below set of steps and I’m wondering if the outcome is expected behaviour, or not:

  1. Perform Embedded install of v2.4.1 of our application (which ships with KOTS v1.88.0)
  2. Upgrade KOTS to v1.97.0 of their own accord
  3. Upgrade our application to v2.5.0 ( both v2.4.1 and v2.5.0 ship with KOTS v1.88.0)
    3a. Post upgrade, KOTS v1.88.0 is installed, so the KOTS upgrade the customer performed is effectively undone.

I’m looking to find out if the application overwriting the version of KOTS is expected, or not? Or has anyone had an issue like this before

Hi @dara.leonard , how did they perform the application upgrade mentioned in step 3? Was it done by checking for updates and deploying via the admin console or did they re-run the embedded installer command?

Hey @luis, I’m suspecting that they did it via the CLI as that’s how I managed to re-create the issue.

I’m assuming what is happening is when the kURL cluster command is ran, it will just install what we specify no matter what is currently on the cluster.