Help creating Replicated Documentation For end user Kubernetes installs?

Does Replicated have any resources to help me generate example or starter documentation that I can whitelabel for my end customers to use when installing my app?

Replicated currently doesn’t have any dedicated tooling to quickly bootstrap documentation, however there are some good examples below you can pull from for inspiration.

Before you Start

My biggest warning / piece of advice - DO NOT try to document every installation path to start. Pick one customer environment to ship to (single node online, existing cluster EKS, airgapped RHEL in VSphere) and test/document/deploy that really well. Then move on to testing/documenting your next flavor of target environment. Trying to make your documentation too general at the outset is a good way to build something tangled that will confuse your users and cause more problems than it solves!


  1. Enterprise Section in our documentation: Overview of Installing an Application with the App Manager | Replicated Docs - the markdown sources for this are public in replicated-docs/docs/enterprise at main · replicatedhq/replicated-docs · GitHub
  2. SmartBear / SwaggerHub install documentation: (this is the airgapped guide, but the whole section of their docs is great) Airgapped Installation Into Existing Kubernetes Cluster | SwaggerHub Documentation
  3. Swimlane Platform installer documentation:
  4. Welcome to CircleCI Documentation - CircleCI
  5. Self-managed Harness and gitops - Harness Experts - Harness Community
  6. Introduction | GitGuardian documentation
  7. Lightup Enterprise - Lightup Docs
  8. Red-Gate - Glossary - Redgate Clone - Product Documentation
  9. Modzy - On-Premise
  10. Wallaroo Cloud Install - Wallaroo Environment Requirements | Wallaroo Documentation Site
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