How can I capture all the KOTS "view deploy logs" in a support bundle?

In the KOTS dashboard is a nice modal dialog for “view deploy logs” showing
{dryrun,apply,helm}{Stdout,Stderr} - perfect.

My question is, how can I capture all of that output in a support bundle?

There’s a little of it in the kotsadmin log but mostly not.

Thanks for any ideas!

Hi Mitch,

The deploys logs are retrieved from KOTS internal database. Writing a support bundle spec to access those is technically possible but should be considered carefully as it is accessing sensitive data.

If you can clarify the requirements of those deploy logs I can check further with our Product team.

For now, there’s existing collector such as Helm that can partially get the data you need.


It looks like helm install/upgrade is being run with --debug which frankly all of which is hugely valuable. Sometimes you can infer from the deployed k8s what happened but sometimes a Helm confession, especially for a template issue, is what you need.

Yep we already have the Helm collector in our SB spec. And yes, good point, such a collector would need to pass through normal redaction.

We used to dump rqlite and put its contents in the support bundle, but we removed it because there’s a risk of including unencrypted secrets. The goal is to return to that at some point and dump information that we know is safe rather than the whole thing, but we haven’t done it yet. A feature request for this, @Mitch, could help track that and put it back on our radar.