How do I join the Replicated Beta Program Mailing List?

I’ve heard there’s a special mailing list that I can join to

  1. Get announcements about new beta features
  2. Communicate with the Replicated product team to get those features enabled for my account
  3. Give feedback and help to partner on these features as they evolve

How do I join this program?

Replicated has a beta program that is used to notify customers about early access alpha and beta features. In exchange, Replicated requests feedback from participating customers on their interest in the features, how well they work for their purposes, and any suggestions for improvements.

Currently this group is limited to Replicated customers. While we may change this in the future, currently Prospects are not included. In order to ensure that the beta program and the feedback received from it are not overwhelmed by any one company, we may restrict the number of people from a specific company that can join the group.

To join the program you can send an email request to the beta program managers.

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