How do I stop an instance of Kotsadm?

What is the proper way of stopping a Kotsadm instance?

Are the following commands enough?

sudo systemctl stop kube-apiserve.service
sudo systemctl disable kube-apiserve.service

sudo systemctl stop kubelet.service
sudo systemctl disable kubelet.service


Hey Y! How are ya?

So those commands will stop the entire k8s cluster along with the app. I don’t think you want to run these unless under unusual circumstances.

Just curious what is the purpose of stopping the kotsadm instance? Are you trying to restart something?


Hi AJ!

Thanks for the quick response!
One of our client wants to put its server in “maintenance mode” for internal reasons.

Is there any problem running these? Are there other services to stop?



No problem. If you use docker there is also docker service you might need to stop but other than that I can’t think of anything. :smile:

Awesome, thanks a lot!