How to access Admin Console using http://localhost:8800

I have installed kotsadm on an AWS EKS cluster. Now as per the documentation I should access the admin console through http://localhost:8800.
How can I access the admin console deployed on a cloud k8s cluster, on my local machine (Windows) ?

Hey! The kubectl kots admin-console command is used to open localhost:8800 (or some available port), which forwards to the kotsadm service (docs). Let me know if you need any more assistance.

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Yes, but the catch here is that you should configure the cluster in your kubectl cli and the kubectl cli must be in a GUI enabled OS so that we can open the localhost:8800 in the same OS browser.
If we are installing in a linux vm on cloud which do not have any GUI enabled and simply follow the steps given in the document, it creates confusion that how could we access the admin console using localhost:8800, when we have connected to the cloud vm through SSH.

In this scenario, you could forward a port on your local machine to localhost:8800 on the remote VM using the ssh client.

The command from the CLI might look like:

ssh -L 9900:localhost:8800 user@ip-addr

Once connected to the remote VM, you can run:

kubectl kots admin-console -n <kotsadm-namespace>

Then you would access the admin console at localhost:9900 on the local machine.

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Yes that is possible for a VM, but we cannot connect via SSH to existing kubernetes cluster like EKS & AKS.

If you are connecting directly to the Kubernetes cluster from your local workstation, you can use the instructions shared in the first reply.

If you are connecting to the Kubernetes cluster through a cloud VM (ex: a jumpbox or bastion host), then you can use the instructions shared in the second reply.

Let us know if there is a different use-case that you have in mind.

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