How to Configure Status Informers for a native helm deployment?

When I add a Status Informer for a statefulset that gets deployed from my helpm chart, I get this warning:

Status informer points to a nonexistent kubernetes object. If this is a Helm resource, this warning can be ignored.

After the deploymnet, the status in the dashboard always shows as missing:


I wanted to check if there’s a different way to configure Status Informers for helm charts.

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Have you tried just statefulset instead of statefulset.apps ?

Hello @dex,
Yes I did. it makes no difference.
I even tried using a deployment (our frontend service) from the helm chart.
It still throws the same issue.

Our app gets deployed to a different namespace. Do you believe, this could be a reason?

Hi @ravi_devarakonda
Can you add a support bundle (if needed by submitting a support request)?

Hello Josh,

Sure I can do that. Thank you!

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