How to move an environment from Embedded to Existing cluster?

Hello Replicated team,
Do you have some procedure to do a migration from an Embedded environment to an Existing Cluster?
thanks in advance

There is no tested and supported procedure for this. There are a couple of ways that can be attempted, all involve a reinstall to some degree.

If an instance uses external storage for data, then it would be possible to export app config (kots get config command) and use this file along with license to run the kots install ... --config-values <file name> --license-file <file name> command in the new cluster. This will redeploy the application with existing configuration and connect it to its data.

If data is stored in the cluster on PVs, then this data will have to be moved over manually and configuration will need to be updated at install time. This could be done with Velero backup/restore.

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