Migrate Kots application to new EKS server

We have a kots deployed in an EKS cluster and customer want to migrate to new server (same valid for another customer kurl to EKS cluster), how can we migrate so that all settings in kots (kots, proxy, rqlite,postgres) can be populated to new server and we do not need to reconfigure anything. Kots versions are 1.86 and 1.96 in 2 running clusters

@Maaz_Tariq we have some guidance around cluster migrations in our embedded kURL documentation here: https://kurl.sh/docs/install-with-kurl/migrating. Although this is written for embedded kURL clusters, the snapshot and restore procedure should be adaptable for existing clusters as well.

A couple of limitations to call out:

  • This would likely not work if you are going from embedded kURL to an existing cluster (EKS for example) as the KOTS components are installed and configured differently in kURL clusters
  • The airgap status must be the same for both instances (i.e. online to online, or airgap to airgap)

An alternative to the above could be to:

  • export the config values from the admin console for the currently deployed app version
  • re-install KOTS on the new cluster and pass those values to the --config-values flag during installation

This would alleviate the need for the end user to provide the configuration again, but would require a fresh installation of the app.

Hope this information is helpful.