How to proxy GitLab Container Registry

Step 1 - Create an access token to pull the images:

Under User Settings, navigate to Access Tokens.

Provide the token a name, and expiration date and check the read registry scope. Click on Create personal access token to create the token.

Save the token as this is will be your password in Replicated and will not be displayed again.

Step 2 - Link the Registry to Vendor Portal

Log in to Vendor Portal, and select Images on the left navigation menu. Scroll down until you see the Link External Registry button:

Click on the button and provide the following information:


Username: Your GitLab username

Password: The Acces Token created in Step 1

Click on the Link Registry button to link the registry. If an error occurs, it will be displayed. If no error shows, assume the link is successful. Only way to really test this today is to reference an image from this registry in your application and attempt to deploy it .

Also note that this only works with If you are self hosting an instance of GitLab, you should consider pushing your images to Replicated’s secure image registry.