K8s EOL and KOTS App Manager support for specific Kubernetes Versions

Got a great question today

I’m now realizing that App manager lists supported Kubernetes versions.

With Kubernetes 1.21 going end of life, is 1.21 no longer going to be supported past the end of the month for app manager?

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The supported Kubernetes versions for the app manager are the versions of Kubernetes that a particular version of app manager is tested on. The supported Kubernetes versions align with the in-support versions of Kubernetes at the time a particular version of the app manager was released.

So in general, when a Kubernetes version is no longer in support, we stop testing new versions of the app manager on that Kubernetes version, and new versions of the app manager will only support (be tested on) the currently in-support Kubernetes versions.

Kubernetes 1.21 will be handled differently. Because OpenEBS 2 is unsupported on Kubernetes 1.22+ and the Kubernetes installer doesn’t yet support OpenEBS 3, we will extend support for Kubernetes 1.21 beyond the standard period (i.e., after it is out of Kubernetes support). This will give customers time to adopt OpenEBS 3 and upgrade customers to it.