Known Docker Workarounds

Overlay driver enabled despite being on an unsupported configuration

The default driver chosen by some Docker versions on RHEL and CentOS, overlay, has requirements that are not always satisfied. On Docker 17.06.2-ce, overlay and overlay2 require kernels >= 3.18 and 4.0, respectively. Also, xfs filesystems must have been created with d_type=true, which can be verified by using xfs_info and searching for ftype=1. If these requirements are not met, we recommend specifying a different storage driver. The devicemapper storage driver may be enabled for production by following the Docker Device Mapper Documentation.

Docker 17.12.0-ce on CentOS and RHEL does not install all needed dependencies

On CentOS and RHEL, a needed dependency of libseccomp >= 2.2.1 is not enforced. This is present on 7.4, but not 7.3 or earlier. This can be remedied by running

yum install

as per the GitHub issue.

Docker 17.06.0-ce requires container-selinux >= 2.9 on RHEL

Installing the CentOS container-selinux package and rerunning the Replicated installation script resolves this. The latest version of the package can be found here. As of the 11th of January 2018 this command installed the latest version available:

yum install

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