Error pulling updates / generating support bundle

We have an instance of our software deployed to a remote client machine, and manage the deployment with the replicated control panel.

With no discernible pattern, we notice that we will:

a) Lose the ability to pull new versions (the pull rate limit feels like a red herring, because it’s a public repository for Mongo, and we are just using the standard refresh cadence for Replicated… not sure if there is a way to check the number of Docker pulls made from a given IP)
failed to pull: failed to find private images: failed to list upstream images: failed to walk upstream dir: failed to check if image 4 of 9 in “standalone.yaml” is private: failed to create image from ref:mongo:4.2.3: Error loading manifest for target platform: Error reading manifest sha256:92814bb60dc673bb68b6aca0b24bcb8738d7b2c267b97ce62fa92adc3746a0ea in toomanyrequests: You have reached your pull rate limit. You may increase the limit by authenticating and upgrading: Increase Rate Limits | Docker

b) Generate support bundles, which gets stuck at 10% and never completes

It feels like these two are linked, but we are not sure where to start debugging. Can someone help point us in the right direction about what might be going on?