500 error w/ no details while creating new release

I’m getting a 500 error with no extra detail when I try to create a new release. I’ve set my REPLICATED_APP and REPLICATED_API_TOKEN to the correct values prior to running this:

$ replicated release create --version 0.14.2 --promote Beta --yaml-dir manifests

  • Reading manifests from manifests ✓
  • Creating Release ✗
Error: failed to create release: POST https://api.replicated.com/vendor/v3/app/<redacted>/release 500:

I don’t see any information about what went wrong, but on my profile it looks like the “last active” timestamp by my API key is updated. The failure is consistent, so I’m currently unable to publish a new release.

Any ideas on what could be going wrong?

The root cause was an old manifest in the manifests/ directory that had a version number that wasn’t a valid semantic version. I didn’t find any debugging tips, but just reverted some of our recent changes until I found the issue.

Two reasons this was counter-intuitive, and could probably use a better error message:

  1. I wasn’t deploying the version with the invalid version number - it appears that I couldn’t release any new releases while the manifest was present.
  2. It failed even when I attempted to deploy to a channel that didn’t require semantic versioning.