kURL: How can I update my pod and service CIDRs

The default pod and service network conflicts with my existing network and I need to use a different CIDR, how can I do this?

In a kURL embedded cluster, the pod network is managed by weave spec and the service network is managed by kubernetes spec.

Weave Spec: https://kurl.sh/docs/add-ons/weave
Kubernetes Spec: https://kurl.sh/docs/create-installer/add-on-adv-options

This would look something like this when you patch it at runtime:

  apiVersion: "cluster.kurl.sh/v1beta1"
  kind: "Installer"
    name: "patch"
      serviceCIDR: ""
      podCIDR: ""

Note: If you already started the install you need to clean up the VM and start from a fresh OS install for the new CIDRs to take effect, rerunning the installer with the patch will not work.