Local development for KOTS releases

I’m looking for a way to rapidly test changes to KOTS releases. A good starting point would be the ability to supply mock config options, cluster settings, and license options to a release and be returned with the generated manifests.

Today we solve this by creating a new release (and channel, and customer) in the vendor portal via API, download the customer license, and run a normal kots install against a kubernetes cluster.

Ideally I’d like to remove the need to interact with the vendor UI in local development and still be able to produce mock kubernetes manifests based on the inputs provided.

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Hi @bageldawg – does this help? Fastest way to iterate on a Replicated Release

@dex It’s a step closer but it still relies on an existing deployment being accessible and licensed, not ideal as we like our end to end testing be completely self-contained. It does avoid the need to create multiple channels or additional releases though.

What I am describing could be done using helm and providing a values file but I want to retain the ability to provide a KOTS config file and generate manifests the same way kotsadm would.

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That’s good extra detail – let’s connect because I think there may be a feature gap here and I’d love to dive deep on your CI/CD process so we fully understand the problem to solve

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