Recognizing if an install was made via Helm, KOTS Install, or Embedded cluster command


We are looking to change the behavior of our product regarding directions to the admin console - namely, whether we want to redirect to localhost:8800 or simply to our documentation.
To do so, we want to know if an install was made via Helm, KOTS Install, or an embedded cluster command. Is this information somehow available ?

I would envision a function such as isAirGap, but I didn’t find what I was looking for in the documentation.

@Raphael_Chedru It might be easier to see an example of what outcome you’re trying to get to; that being said, there are some KOTS template functions that you can use to detect if a cluster is a kURL cluster but I don’t believe there’s a template for isAirgap today.

You could perhaps use the LocalRegistryHost function to figure out if a local registry is being used, which might tell you that the cluster is airgapped; but I think the real question is: what you would make different about the Admin Console that depends on whether or not the cluster is airgapped? Perhaps there is a better way to get to the outcome you want than trying to parse the registry address.