Replicated KOTS App Release Notes and Icon

Hello, I have a few questions regarding the replicated-app.yaml for a KOTS app release:

  1. Does the releaseNotes element support Markdown formatting, and if so, how do I avoid sections being treated as comments?

Example: The following should be treated as a Markdown level headers, not as comments

# Release Notes
- Do upgrade now!
  1. Does the icon element support static base64 code?
  1. releaseNotes does support standard markdown. However if you place the markdown in the application spec, and promote the release through the UI, the dialog will show release notes with the “comments” removed. This is a bug, and I will open a ticket for this. If you place that text into the Release Notes box on the promote dialog, the headers will be shown.
  2. icon does support base64 encoded images

Re:this, in addition to adding this via modal in the UI, you could also set the release notes on the CLI during release

  1. I was hoping so. Trying to avoid the extra steps. I’ve always done this in the UI in the past, so wasn’t sure what was wrong when trying to use the automated process. Thanks!
  2. Excellent!