Replicated unable to join to cluster as primary node

Hi There,
We are running a 6vCPU 16GB machine in Digitalocean. After finishing installation we were trying to join as a primary node by using curl command copied from replicated console.

Initially, the installation was failing as curl --no-proxy commands were unable to verify SSL certificates. Hence I downloaded the script and replaced all curl --no-proxy WITH curl -k ---no-proxy.

When executed the machine fails to join the cluster with a response

error execution phase control-plane-join/etcd: error creating local etcd static pod manifest file: timeout waiting for etcd cluster to be available
Failed to join the Kubernetes cluster.

I was doubting the reason could be the usage of public IP in primary-pki-bundle-url. Hence It was replaced with private IP and tested again. Still, the same. Any Specific reason?

Screenshot for reference.

1. Both the nodes are in the same region, the Same zone.
2. All UDP, TCP traffic is allowed between two nodes.
3. Primary Node 1 is 6vCPU 16GB machine, Node 2 is 4 vCPU 8GB machine.
4. The issue occurs always irrespective of whether public IP or private IP being used in primary-pki-bundle-url.
5. This was tested in different regions multiple times.(Amsterdam and New york). Still the same.